The innocent eye that gazes the wild peak
of the unknown landscape.

In Zugunruhe series I dive into a world where identity is forged in the act of migrating.

Zugunruhe is a german word that means migratory restlessness. No strings attached, no place, no home. The inner need of keep moving, as the bird knows when is time to depart.

The series aims to reflect the impact of the unknown. The fear and curiosty that comes from that first impression of a new place and subsequent reaction and adaptation. The constant rediscover of a hos- tile and foreign territory and the feeling of not belonging anywhere.

The vastness and darkness of the landscape allow me to emphasize the feeling of doom that you can get when you feel isolated in the unknown. At the same time, I pretend to enhance some profound aspects of human nature through its close relationship and reaction to adversities of nature.

I used a world of irrational stone landscape, electrifying green and steaming formations to suggest this aspect of human condition.