“There are no humans after all” reflect the perpetuity of the raw natural world and its phenomena over the temporality and trace of the human condition.

This is both a look into the past and into the future where the same silent world continuos to shape its surface despite of what walks upon it. The beauty of constant shaping, of constant reinventing.

The essence of time is reflected in a hidden dynamism. The tremendously patient and creative aspect and its incomprehensible detachment to its on-doings. The delicacy of the lines, the abstraction of its shapes and matter, the finest of the materials, the imposition of its size, the endless transformation of a breathing world. And yet there is the artist vision upon it, trying to force and change it through manipulation. But where does it start and finish? But it’s just an illusion cause there are no humans after all, and the artist vision is just a tribute to those places while the places remain strong, pure and changing.