In the first part of Study on Sand, I indulge in action-reaction, initiating a search for hidden patterns in the volatility of pure expression. The innocent action of throwing sand into the air leads to uncontrollable outbursts. An underlying force that materializes in free and expansive forms. The sand particles join and separate, blurring the group and questioning the entity of the individual unit or the entity of the group itself. Where does one begin and the other end? Questions like this also: What is the inertia that moves them? How do we act as a group? Do we act freely within a spiral of social behavior? Or do we get carried away by the artifice of the movement?

The unexpectedness of the result is only the illusion made form, because the laws that govern its behavior are nothing but this hidden pattern, a projected order. Perhaps inertia and gravity are also silently directing. Thus the project proposes striking images loaded with content, where the interaction of one with the group is questioned and explored all the time. Is dance really a free expression?